ISRAEL: Colleges approved for state research funding

An unprecedented agreement signed between Israel's finance ministry and representatives from local colleges will, for the first time, allow college staff to receive government funding for research, writes Tomer Velmer for YNetNews. Until now, this has been reserved for universities alone.

Colleges that sought to promote their academic activities were forced to seek funding from philanthropists and private organizations.

Head of the budgetary and planning committee Professor Manuel Trachtenberg, who is responsible for budget distribution between the state and academic institutions, announced the new agreement on Thursday at a National Council for Higher Learning conference.

According to Trachtenberg, the signed draft agreement was sent for approval and is expected to receive the official stamp of approval after the Passover holiday. "I'm sure that this day will be remembered as the day that launched a new chapter in college development as it is unthinkable that a situation exists where someone from the academia is told that they aren't allowed to engage in research," Trachtenberg noted.
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