IRELAND: Fury over about-turn on tuition fees

Angry Members of Ireland's legislative assembly have again vowed to oppose increased university fees after a revised independent report overturned its initial conclusion that they should stay at current levels, writes Noel McAdam for the Belfast Telegraph.

The original study just five months ago recommended no change, but an updated version released last week would raise the current fee cap of £3,290 (US$5,282) to a maximum of £5,750 -- a hike of almost £2,500. The delayed review by Institute of Directors chair Joanne Stuart said there is no support in Northern Ireland for the UK government's effective shift from public to mainly private funding of higher education. But following the coalition budget, she argued maintaining the status quo was no longer an option because that would leave the Department for Employment and Learning with an annual shortfall of between £40 million to £65 million.
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