PUERTO RICO: Professors announce strike

The Puerto Rican Association of University Professors has staged a 24-hour strike in support of students who have clashed with police during protests over a new fee, reports Bloomberg Businessweek.

Association president Maria Gisela Rosado said the walkout began on Wednesday afternoon to press the organization's demand to meet with University of Puerto Rico officials to end the clashes, according to Associated Press.
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Meanwhile, student activists at the University of Puerto Rico at Río Piedras, the system's flagship campus in San Juan, have resumed protests over a tuition surcharge in recent months, following a two-month student strike last spring that shut down the university, writes Lauren Sieben for The Chronicle of Higher Education.

On Monday students marched through the campus in protest against an $800 special fee that they said threatened the university's accessibility to low-income students. Although the demonstrations proceeded peacefully, several protests in the past few months have culminated in violent confrontations between students and police officers, according to local reports.
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