US: AIDS-tainted razors sent to animal researcher

The FBI and University of California at Los Angeles police are investigating a new round of threats from anti-animal research activists who claimed to have sent AIDS-tainted razor blades and a threatening message to a research professor, a university spokesman said on Tuesday, writes Michael Martinez for CNN.

The university said law enforcement officials confirmed that UCLA neuroscientist David Jentsch received a package at his home containing razor blades and a threatening note. The North American Animal Liberation Press Office posted an unsigned communique on its website from a group calling itself "The Justice Department at UCLA", claiming its members sent the razor blades to Jentsch because he uses primates for government-funded testing of drug addiction.

Since 2006, other anonymous activists claimed responsibility for at least 11 acts of sabotage, vandalism, criminal damage and firebombing against UCLA faculty or property, either on- or off-campus, university officials said.
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