UGANDA: Extra points fail to end science gender gap

The introduction in Uganda of 1.5 extra points for female applicants wanting to enrol in public universities 20 years ago has failed to bridge the gender gap in science disciplines, writes Patience Ahimbisibwe for the Daily Monitor.

The policy has helped lift the percentage of females at Makerere University and other public institutions from 25% in 1989 to 46% today. But the surge in female numbers has been almost exclusive to humanities, with virtually no change in female intake in science subjects.

Female enrolment is up to 70% in some arts courses, largely due to the 1.5 points given to girls joining public universities. For example, out of the 74 students admitted to study for a bachelor of laws on government scholarships last year, only nine were boys. But the question on academic minds is: where are the girls in sciences?
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