BRAZIL: Mini-dress student readmitted to university

A female Brazilian student who was expelled from a Sao Paulo university after her short dress sparked student protests has been allowed back after federal prosecutors opened an investigation into the case, reports Reuters.

The Universidade Bandeirante made the reversal after taking out advertisement space in Sunday newspapers to explain that it had expelled Geysi Villa Nova Arruda, 20, for her "incompatible posture with the atmosphere" at the school.

That decision, and video showing Arruda being hounded out by hundreds of students at the university, prompted a heated debate in the Latin American country known for its racy Carnival festivities and tiny bikinis but which also has a strong conservative streak. The university changed its stance on Monday after a federal investigation was launched.
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When 20-year-old Brazilian tourism student Geisy Arruda appeared in college wearing a bright-pink miniskirt and heavy make-up on, she probably could not have imagined what she was about to encounter: A group of 700 enraged students ready to insult her and even attack her, writes Edison Bernardo DeSouza for Brazzil Mag.
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