US: Slain student memorialised by Yale

The Yale University graduate student who was found murdered a month ago on what was to be her wedding day was remember last Monday as a "model student" at a memorial service for the university community, reports Pat Eaton-Robb for Associated Press.

About 150 classmates, professors and others gathered at Yale's historic Battell Chapel for a private memorial service for Annie Le, the 24-year-old found strangled behind a wall in a school laboratory. Yale President Richard Levin called Le "a model student for the Yale of the 21st century - a child of immigrants, raised in America, bright, accomplished, ambitious and disciplined, yet caring, loving and spontaneous".

Le was a doctoral pharmacology student from California who worked on a team that experimented on mice as part of research into enzymes. She vanished on 8 September after heading to work in a basement lab of a Yale medical school building. Her body was found five days later in a hidden access space for utility pipes and wires. Raymond Clark III, a 24-year-old former Yale University lab technician, has been charged with murder.
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