From Niklas Traneus
I refer to last week's news story: SWEDEN: Fees for foreign students possible from 2010, University World News, 27 September 2009.

In fact, any type of fees for students applying to study in 2010 are unlikely as the Swedish Agency for Higher Education Services, which administers the online application system, has recommended that the government does not introduce application fees until the following year - that is, applications for the academic year 2011-12.

As for tuition fees, some will surely end up being higher than the mentioned SEK80,000 SEK80,000 (EUR8,500 or US$11,500) per year, as higher education institutions will be required to charge the full cost of studies. Engineering and natural science study programmes cost more than that amount per student.

The government intends to present its proposal for tuition fees in a bill this autumn/winter.

Niklas Tranaeus
Swedish Institute