RWANDA: President demands quality higher education

Rwandan President Paul Kagame has called on education institutions to emphasise quality as the only way to produce a skilled and professional workforce, write Edmund Kagire and Paul Ntambara for The New Times. Speaking at the National University of Rwanda, Kagame said the country still had a long way to go to graduate students capable of tackling the country's challenges and able to compete with non-nationals.

Kagame, who was responding to concerns that have been raised about expatriates taking jobs meant for Rwandans, said that until universities and colleges developed the means to produce quality graduates, the country would have to seek people from other places with the skills needed to bridge a the country's huge capacity gap.

"I was told that some of the graduates we have here cannot even express themselves or write a simple application letter. This is a problem we need to accept that it is a reality and then we confront it head-on," he said.
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