GHANA: Draft-dodging graduates face prosecution

The Executive Director of Ghana's National Service Scheme, Vincent Senam Kuagbenu, has warned that from next year, eligible graduates who refuse to serve the nation will be prosecuted, reports the Ghana News Agency. He added that employers of graduates who skipped national service would also face the law, and cautioned them to demand the National Service Certificate as a condition of employment.

Kuagbenu issued the warning last week in Bolgatanga, where the Scheme is organising in-service training for Volunteer National Service Personnel who teach in the most deprived areas of the region. He said it was criminal under Ghana's constitution for any graduate to refuse to offer him or herself for National Service after graduating, and that such an offence could result in imprisonment of not less than five years.

He said he was worried about the refusal of many graduates offer themselves for service, especially when posted to rural areas, hence the decision to get tough with them.
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