Our report: US: No job if you only have an online degree by John Richard Schock continues to attract comment. Here is the latest:

From Scott Stallings

I am astounded at the lack of research and the ignorance of this author. Loose generalisations are no way to prove a point. Speaking from the perspective of an "online graduate", I can attest that I have easily found employment. I can also attest that my income has increased as a result of completing my degree. GASP!

Furthermore, I can also attest to the validity of the "online degree" based on its accreditation and its rigor. I absorbed more from online studies than I did in any classroom because I was forced to study more to ensure I understood the course content.

My online coursework also required weekly discussion board postings and debates along with weekly case studies which required me to apply the curricula directly to real world examples. If anything, I feel I learned more and have accomplished more thanks to my "online degree".

Scott Stallings