Editor's note: We asked one of our readers, Giles Pickford, why he decided to donate $10 a week to University World News for a year. This was his reply:

The idea that you can cut down swathes of forest, truck it to a paper mill, turn it into paper, print news on it, then truck it to outlets, and deliver it to households, is obviously not a viable idea any more. The immense carbon footprint of the newspaper industry is a complete anachronism in the 21st century.

However, the people who work in the newspaper industry are the content Kings and Queens of Media. They are the people who craft the words that are picked up by television and radio - they are merely the information recyclers of the modern age.

It follows as night follows day that the e-newspaper is the future. Rupert Murdoch has said it and other newspaper owners have started to listen. They all still print their papers but for how much longer?

University World News is built on the 21st Century model of a newspaper. The fact that the "paper" is not there is the reason why it is right out in front.

Anyone who is not backing this university journal is just not cool.

Giles Pickford
Secretary, ANU Emeritus Faculty