GLOBAL: Is internationalisation on the right track?

"As we progress into the 21st century, the international dimension of higher education is becoming increasingly important and at the same time, more and more complex. There are new actors, new rationales, new programmes, new regulations, and the new context of globalisation," writes respected internationalisation scholar Professor Jane Knight in the latest edition of the Canadian journal Academic Matters, titled The Global University.

Internationalisation has become a formidable force for change as evidenced by a range of developments and initiatives, argues Knight, adjunct professor at the University of Toronto and a Fulbright New Century Scholar 2007-08, in an article titled "The Internationalisation of Higher Education: Are we on the right track?"

"As internationalisation changes to meet new challenges it is important to examine the key concepts that inform and shape the internationalisation process and some of the unexpected developments and results." Multiple and varied benefits attributed to internationalisation are acknowledged, but the primary focus of Knight's article is on the unintended consequences that need to be addressed and monitored.
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