ISRAEL: University protest takes to streets

A convoy of vehicles carrying students, university presidents and academics made its way to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv last Monday, blocking the highway intermittently and piling traffic onto the already rush hour-plagued road, reports Ynetnews. The protest against the Finance Ministry's refusal to hand over funds universities have deemed essential to the upcoming academic year, was the first ever to incorporate students and university leaders. Both groups have warned that studies will not begin on time if talks with the ministry remain deadlocked.

President of Tel Aviv University, Professor Zvi Galil, told reporters he was not optimistic about beginning the year on time. "I fear the system is about to collapse," he said. "The funds at our disposal are insufficient, and calculations show we have less than we had last year." He said universities had already cut scholarships and the number of teaching assistants. "Research departments are still OK, but achievements today are taking place because of funds invested 15 years ago, and won't repeat themselves in 15 years."
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