CANADA: Momentum report on state of R&D

The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada has published a new report on the state of research and development in the country. The report, Momentum: The 2008 report on university research and knowledge mobilization, shows that universities performed more than a third of Canada's research and contributed at least $60 billion to the economy in 2007.

However, world competition for talent, knowledge and innovation was fierce and Canada could not be complacent with its accomplishments, said association chair Tom Traves, president of Dalhousie University, in a statement. "The rest of the world is not standing still and the global race for research talent is becoming more and more intense."

Among other things the report reveals that about half of Canada's 41,000 researchers and teachers are likely leave universities by 2016 because of retirement or attrition. Universities would need to produce many more postgraduates and attract yet more from abroad.

The first edition of Momentum was produced by the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada in 2005, it said, to provide information to decision-makers and policy-makers about the benefits from investments made in university research:

"Momentum 2008 focuses on the importance of partnerships in university research and looks at the variety of forms collaboration takes - from university partnerships with private companies to research projects with governments, communities, the not-for-profit sector and international partners. It provides a comprehensive account of Canadian R&D, particularly the activities of the university sector and the resulting progress achieved. It also presents detailed research and analysis of national and international trends that will drive changes in university research and the Canadian R&D landscape in the future."
Full Momentum report on the site