Our Readers Comment

From Thomas D Parker
University World News entered the world unheralded a year ago and has quickly established itself as the indispensable source of information about the global higher education community. There are excellent university centres and stand-alone institutes that follow and study international issues in higher education policy, but they do not provide the scope or frequency of reporting UWN offers. On Sunday mornings when it arrives, the newspaper takes precedence in my reading over the Sunday New York Times! May it have many more anniversaries.
Thomas D Parker
Senior Associate and Director
Global Center on Private Financing of Higher Education, Institute for Higher Education Policy, Washington DC.

From Svava Bjarnason
University World News is a unique source of information tracking higher education developments globally. The use of journalists who are local and aware of emerging issues means their coverage is immediate and addressing the issues of the day in countries globally.
Svava Bjarnason
Senior Education Specialist
International Finance Corporation

From Jamil Salmi
The University World News newsletter and website have quickly established themselves as one of the most relevant information sources on international higher education. The balance between news items and in-depth articles is just right. This is an excellent tool for policy-makers, institutional leaders and researchers alike.
Jamil Salmi
World Bank Network of Tertiary Education Professionals

From Professor Brenda Gourley

I really like University World News. It keeps me up to date without taking significant amounts of my time. It's relevant, timely and concise. Just what I want.
Professor Brenda Gourley
Open University

From Simon McGrath

In these days of information overload, University World News quickly established itself as one of the few electronic resources that I always do make time to explore. Both for myself and my research students on international higher education, it is an invaluable resource that is provocative and informative. I have particularly welcomed the strong African focus of UWN's work, which is such a striking contrast to the neglect of African issues in both academia and journalism. With best wishes for your second year
Simon McGrath
Professor of International Education and Development, and Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Educational Development, Unesco Centre for Comparative Education Research, University of Nottingham

From Dr Jan Sadlak
There are things in life to which we get used to so fast that we wonder how we could function without them... No, this is not another commercial for a new mobile phone but a note of thanks to those few entrepreneurial individuals who one year ago asked if I was interested to receive University World News - of course a rhetorical question. UWN not only provides information about important developments in higher education but also ably demonstrates that the world of higher education is so diverse, subject to many changes... and just very interesting. Many thanks!
Dr Jan Sadlak
Unesco-European Centre for Higher Education, Bucharest, Romania

From Professor Sir Peter Scott
University World News is the best of its class - timely, reliable and relevant news about developments in higher education worldwide written by leading journalists in the field.
Professor Sir Peter Scott
Kingston University, London