Violence against Africans in Malaysia

From Wilfred Lema

I refer to your article on higher education in Malaysia, Foreign student numbers soar. We value the contribution Malaysia is making to the rest of the world, especially to Africa, in providing a cheap western-equivalent level of education. However, one issue has remained unattended and of late has evolved into a catastrophe.

There has been a widespread outcry about discrimination of Africans by Malaysians in and outside universities. The recent death of an African in a fight with Malaysians caps this growing difference between foreigners, especially between Africans and Malaysians.

It would be useful for the authorities to explain how they are addressing this challenge. Otherwise this success might turn sour and result in a downturn in enrolments, as is happening in South Africa, once home for thousands of other African countries' students.
I am a Tanzanian working with an international NGO, the African Medical and Research Foundation, and I had a very high esteem for Malaysian universities but no longer.

Wilfred Lema