University World News is a unique service to the university community because it is the only medium which brings us global news about our vocation. I value this service. I cannot find fault with the editorial part of the enterprise, but here are some ideas from an old public relations hack about improving the web site.

Because of the net, it is now a fact that the combined readership of any medium has more knowledge than the medium itself. Therefore it ought to be possible for a reader to offer this additional knowledge to a writer. It would be easier if this connection could be direct, so I suggest that each writer's e-mail address be displayed on the page.

Second, UWN's home page ought to display its URL. Because the page comes as an e-mail, the URL is not visible. I had to Google you to find your URL so that I could pass it on to others.

Congratulations on a great concept.

Editor's note: Email contacts are now included with each article.