ISRAEL: Strike hits pockets of students and universities

Ravit, a 22-year-old chemistry and physics major, worked in high tech for a year and saved up money to fund her studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, reports Haaretz. She was counting on funding the rest with a summer job. But now that a lecturer strike is into its 80th day, she'll have to spend the summer in class, making up sessions missed. Many students are in a similar predicament, and universities too are suffering financial damage.

The Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and the Technion technology institute have all just gotten over a financial crisis that resulted from budget cuts.

The financial damage to the universities caused by the loss of the school year is estimated at NIS 3.25 billion, according to an initial report by the Council for Higher Education's planning and budgeting committee. It said universities "will not be able to shoulder [this amount] without a special budget increase," – but the money is not there.
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