The centrality of race in the quest for education
5 May 2019  Issue No: 242
Africa Features
PHOTOSouth African tertiary education institutions are embroiled in a process of change and transformation motivated by the need to overcome past inequalities and find their own voice. In the midst of this ferment, a five-year study has been researching the core of the student experience.
Africa News
PHOTOAs part of ongoing efforts to build South-South cooperation and develop local capacity in higher learning in Uganda, the Nigerian government announced it had recently deployed 76 professors to four universities in Uganda.
Africa Analysis
PHOTOBotswana is proving its capacity as a knowledge-producing country, which is why there now needs to be a concerted national effort to support postgraduate studies and establish a research and innovation system able to manage the country’s research aspirations and production at a national level.
The Centre for Higher Education Research, Teaching and Learning at Rhodes University employs a model that can be used to conceptualise a transformed teaching and learning experience for a new generation of South African academics.
The Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Ethiopia is encouraging higher education institutions to give more attention to their community service agendas, a responsibility which is often sidelined in favour of teaching and learning, and research. While this is a welcome development, its success depends on informed participation by the community.
Student Blog
PHOTOIn an era of youth unemployment, universities should be teaching soft skills, and companies should be placing less emphasis on higher education as a measure of intellectual competence and job potential.
Global Commentary
PHOTOFake news is not a new phenomenon. It does have some strikingly modern features, including its rapid dissemination via the internet using social media platforms. States remain the main distributors, and when used against historians it is as insidious as any form of censorship.
World Blog
PHOTOUniversities seem driven by what is easiest to administer rather than the learning needs of students. But students deserve to be challenged and extended in their intellectual development and that means putting in place practices that cater better for those who are more able.
Transformative Leadership
PHOTOThe World Technology Universities Network is a collection of universities dedicated to exploring best practice in how technology can change the world for the better, addressing the most pressing global challenges and contributing to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.
#100 IHE Scholar Essay Contest
PHOTOTo celebrate 25 years of publication, International Higher Education is inviting contributions from masters and doctoral students and postdocs to an essay contest on “Unprecedented Challenges, Significant Possibilities”, key challenges and opportunities for international higher education in the coming decade and beyond.
Global Features
PHOTOA Norwegian professor leading research on the trend towards illiberal democracy in Eastern Europe – one of the University of Bergen’s most sought-after speakers – is on a mission to educate secondary school students about how illiberal parties gain and consolidate power.
World Round-up
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