Universities urged not to hire former Trump officials

A coalition of progressive organisations announced on 1 May that it would launch an ad campaign urging major universities in America including Harvard to avoid hiring former members of the Trump administration, writes John Bowden for The Hill.

Restore Public Trust, a group representing 40 progressive organisations focused on issues of civil rights, immigration and government accountability, wrote that US universities should not allow Trump officials involved in the administration's family separation policy, which was ended last year, in their classrooms.

“America’s college and university leaders have a moral responsibility to make it clear that the administration officials responsible for this horrific policy will not be allowed to seek refuge in their classrooms, lecture halls or auditoriums,” Karl Frisch, the group's spokesman, said in a press release. “Disgraced former officials should not be offered cushy fellowships to rehabilitate their image or be given space to explain to students why they were only ‘doing their jobs’,” he continued.
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