Universities rushing to set up departments in system chips

Yonsei and Korea universities along with other universities in South Korea are rushing to open new departments in cooperation with Samsung Electronics or SK Hynix to groom future engineers in the field of system semiconductors, writes Jun Ji-hye for The Korea Times.

The move comes amid a serious unemployment crisis in tandem with a feared brain drain in the industry. It is also in line with the Korean government's plan to nurture 3,400 professional personnel in the sector through four-year undergraduate programmes by the end of 2030, amid a growing need for chipmakers to expand their presence in the non-memory chip market.

Sungkyunkwan University has already operated a similar course in cooperation with Samsung Electronics since 2006, enjoying great popularity among students and parents. During the 2019 rolling admission at the university, 1,387 students applied to the department that will select just 55 students.
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