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Bridging digital gender gap through inclusive STEM education 25 May 2023
A tale of two academic promotion standards in a single system 11 May 2023
What does it take to reform a quality assurance authority? 4 May 2023
Digitalisation: a panacea for exam cheating, or not yet? 16 March 2023
HE to feel impact of shocking school-leaving exam results 2 February 2023
Does Ethiopia’s education roadmap need adjustments? 12 January 2023
Does Ethiopia’s education roadmap need adjustments? 8 January 2023
Should university service be compulsory for all students? 15 December 2022
Greater autonomy in public sector will affect private HE 20 October 2022
How to disincentivise private higher education providers 13 October 2022
TVET for refugees: Sustaining qualifications and employment 18 August 2022
How to optimise the private sector’s engagement in TVET 11 August 2022
Swimming against the tide of an ethnicised HE system 28 July 2022
Graduate employability is about skills and the economy 23 June 2022
The TVET sector needs more financing and less rhetoric 9 June 2022
Can university exit exams fix some systemic problems? 5 May 2022
Accreditation: Battle over staff with ‘right’ qualifications 21 April 2022
Quality assurance mandate: What about other alternatives? 31 March 2022
Space science capabilities depend on quality education 24 March 2022
Student placement policy: Towards an improved system 24 February 2022
Honorary degrees: A matter of image, money and publicity? 10 February 2022
Halting HE expansion in the public sector: The alternatives? 3 February 2022
HE sector wants qualification framework to be implemented 27 January 2022
Training of HE leaders requires a holistic response 9 December 2021
Programme quality audits support institutional improvements 11 November 2021