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Do universities in the Sub-Sahara serve the public good? 23 March 2023
Are political science departments failing to aid democracy? 23 March 2023
Student mobility from Sub-Saharan Africa could double by 2050 2 March 2023
Overqualification: A symptom of qualification-job mismatch 19 January 2023
Universities to feel the impact of Ruto’s reform efforts 8 January 2023
Comedy in Africa used to ‘get even’ with political elite – Studies 15 December 2022
What comedians as funeral mourners are telling researchers 15 December 2022
Common mental disorders an ‘enormous’ burden on students 15 December 2022
Africa’s appetite for transnational education is growing 12 December 2022
Specialist training of health workers is urgent 8 December 2022
Students’ low condom use continues to drive HIV infections 8 December 2022
Internships, job shadowing enhance graduates’ employability 25 November 2022
All PhD degrees do not and cannot lead to jobs in academia 24 November 2022
Cancer researchers must broaden the focus of their work 24 November 2022
Academic freedom remains under threat in Africa – Report 9 November 2022
Subject rankings: Advances in the health sciences noted 3 November 2022
New rankings fix universities at centre of sustainability 27 October 2022
New sustainability rankings list 16 universities from Africa 27 October 2022
Jobless graduates’ frustrations a call to overhaul HE 24 October 2022
Some universities are still not engaging with communities 13 October 2022
Number of ranked universities in Africa increases to 97 12 October 2022
Can Ruto’s education taskforce deliver workable reforms? 3 October 2022
Network will support implementation of Addis Convention 29 September 2022
Decolonial scholarship: Do academics in Africa have clay feet? 22 September 2022
Mining and minerals have had limited educational benefits 15 September 2022