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ABET partners UWN on education for sustainable development 3 June 2023
Two universities in Africa ranked first in individual SDGs 1 June 2023
Russia pushes ahead with switch away from Bologna system 19 May 2023
US leads in 32 subjects and UK in 14 in new QS rankings 1 April 2023
Foreign student places rise despite Russia’s isolation 28 January 2023
US stagnation trend reflects in latest subject rankings 26 October 2022
Global ranking sees shift away from Western universities 12 October 2022
Russia to launch new system of higher education in 2023 30 September 2022
Testament to African scientists’ genomics surveillance 22 September 2022
Universities sector welcomes post-study work rights changes 6 September 2022
Women’s Academy a signal that ‘numbers do matter’ 25 August 2022
University rector demands release of CEU student in Egypt 8 July 2022
German universities host HE entrance tests for refugees 15 June 2022
Russia steps up number of state-funded university places 10 June 2022
Expanded impact rankings reflect rising interest in SDGs 30 April 2022
Russian universities rapidly losing cooperation with West 29 April 2022
Minister demands exclusion of Russia from Bologna Process 5 March 2022
Call for more cross-border solidarity on student affairs 18 December 2021
Creating vibrant and stronger research communities 16 December 2021
Vaccine rollout makes UK a more attractive study location 26 April 2021
Strong growth for University World News – Africa 16 April 2021
Dialogue on impact of vaccine inequities in Global South 17 March 2021
Most students pleased with their digital learning – Survey 10 March 2021
How to fast-forward digital transformation 8 March 2021
THENSA connects technology universities across Africa 28 January 2021