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500 academic expats back anti-overhaul protests in petition 6 September 2023
Universities reject order calling for masculine form only 22 July 2023
New programme to support physician-researchers 28 June 2023
Albert Einstein archives get new home at Hebrew University 17 June 2023
University heads denounce bill banning Palestinian flag 27 May 2023
Students to be allowed to write exams in local languages 20 April 2023
Language politics denied poor children quality HE – PM 29 March 2023
Senate encourages students to protest judicial overhaul 24 March 2023
Ministry, universities reach an agreement on fee increase 22 November 2022
Ariel University accepted into key education organisation 24 June 2022
University students hold flag-waving pro-Palestinian rally 25 May 2022
Hamas student election win may be sign of public opinion 21 May 2022
No common entrance test for state universities this year 6 May 2022
University rape allegation stirs reforms and scepticism 1 April 2022
Greek poem ‘censored’ to avoid upset for students 8 January 2022
Israel joins EU’s flagship R&D programme 11 December 2021
Pro-Palestine hackers steal Israeli student information 4 July 2021
University presidents defend free speech in prize dispute 18 April 2021
Anti-Semitism – Universities threatened with funding cuts 17 October 2020
Brain gain bid seeks to double international student numbers 26 October 2019
Report exposes high dropout rates among Haredi students 11 May 2019
HE council in bid to boost foreign student numbers 1 March 2019
Can’t cancel PhD over fake claim, Panjab University told 7 December 2018
Knesset committee votes on university gender law 7 December 2018
University chiefs want change to unconditional offers 23 November 2018