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Bachelor student numbers fall by 12% in less than a decade 18 November 2023
No pay for agents poaching international students – Labor 3 October 2023
University under fire over Aboriginal studies appointees 24 September 2023
Universities split on using tool to detect AI plagiarism 20 April 2023
Reforms to incentivise STEM have failed, say sector leaders 13 April 2023
Academics speak out about impact of outsourced courses 17 March 2023
In new deal, universities could open campuses in India 25 February 2023
Universities split on adoption of antisemitism definition 12 February 2023
University staff given option to work on national holiday 11 January 2023
‘Full-on robot writing’: The AI challenge for universities 25 November 2022
New book unpacks motivations behind ‘contract cheating’ 23 September 2022
Researchers welcome national funding agency review process 4 September 2022
‘Hybrid’ learning is double the work for same pay – Staff 26 June 2021
Universities promise to ramp up face-to-face learning 19 June 2021
Universities discount fees for international students 6 February 2021
Quality of future workforce at stake, universities warn 23 January 2021
Changes to foreign veto bill aim to ease university concerns 14 November 2020
Professor who teaches law of protest arrested at protest 17 October 2020
Universities say foreign veto bill erodes autonomy 3 October 2020
Universities walk back their criticism of HE changes 20 September 2020
Foreign veto laws could affect research, universities warn 12 September 2020
Health authorities ask universities to share testing material 28 March 2020
China to relax internet restrictions for banned students 15 February 2020
Extra AU$135 million for regional universities 16 November 2018
Universities say defence plans would stifle freedoms 2 November 2018