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Author: Simon Marginson
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International higher education must reject neocolonialism 14 July 2023
Globalisation of HE: the good, the bad and the ugly 15 May 2021
Pluralisation of research power is diversifying science 17 October 2020
Pandemic shows need for HE for the global common good 25 July 2020
How should universities respond to the new Cold War? 16 November 2019
Evidencing higher education for the common good 27 July 2019
From recipient to partner in international education 18 January 2019
The new politics of higher education and inequality 23 November 2018
Hard Brexit – The risk to postgraduate research 31 August 2018
Higher education should be funded as a public good 16 March 2018
The case for more liberal arts and science degrees 24 November 2017
World-class universities and the global common good 17 November 2017
Can UK universities stay open? 23 June 2017
A stronger Theresa May but for what, especially in HE? 1 May 2017
Higher education – The key to greater freedom 3 March 2017
HE has a role to play in rebuilding social solidarity 3 February 2017
Will the United States think big again? 8 October 2016
Will the United States think big again? 7 October 2016
Iran, China lead rapid growth in Asia’s research 10 June 2016
‘Double game’ on migration can’t last 4 September 2015
Is higher education reinforcing inequality? 17 July 2015
Time to build greater equality of opportunity 29 May 2015
Is this the death of the equal opportunity era? 1 May 2015
How to revive the California model 17 October 2014
Higher education must focus on flexibility 19 September 2014