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India’s first climate school aims to nurture climate leaders 2 December 2023
Academic who lectured on Palestine rejects anti-Hindu claim 24 November 2023
Universities eye India as branch campus guidelines published 17 November 2023
Student visas for UK and US pick up, but Canada slumps 9 November 2023
International students killed in escalating violence 10 October 2023
Diplomatic spat upsets student plans, raises backlash fears 26 September 2023
Bilateral HE agreement with US emerges from G20 Summit 13 September 2023
Spat over who evaluates foreign degrees could delay tie-ups 1 September 2023
AI translation tools support India’s indigenous language policy 31 August 2023
Pioneer AI-led university promises future-focused tuition 15 August 2023
Alarm over university’s failure to defend research 8 August 2023
All students must study climate change, sustainability 2 August 2023
First IIT overseas campus in Zanzibar, with woman director 12 July 2023
Many PhD scholars go abroad due to poor payment at home 7 July 2023
Anger over suspension of faculty following student protests 30 June 2023
Indian students avoid deportation from Canada … for now 16 June 2023
IITs lead in national rankings but continue global boycott 8 June 2023
Criticism over ‘blanket’ Indian student applications ban 1 June 2023
Call for change after ex-contract lecturer’s likely suicide 12 May 2023
Government faces trust deficit over introduction of IKS 2 May 2023
15 student suicides so far this year – What is being done? 14 April 2023
Supreme Court allows medical students a second chance 5 April 2023
Push for gender-neutral spaces on campuses gains ground 30 March 2023
Anger as India invites Taliban to put officials on course 22 March 2023
‘Long association’ leads to India’s first foreign campus 14 March 2023