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State police urge universities to discourage student unrest 9 September 2023
Latin American universities embrace ChatGPT despite fears 8 July 2023
Harvard legacy policy challenged as also race-conscious 6 July 2023
John Goodenough, Nobel laureate and battery pioneer, dies 1 July 2023
Court rebuffs bid to thwart university’s sex abuse suits 28 June 2023
Alibaba founder Jack Ma takes up visiting professorship 5 May 2023
Girls struggle with internet as they turn to online classes 29 March 2023
Researchers find ‘terrifying’ plastic rocks on remote isle 17 March 2023
Berkeley joins boycott of ‘US News’ law school rankings 20 November 2022
Universities talk green. But they have a dirty secret 15 November 2022
Sexual harassment at universities is alarming, says Buhari 7 October 2022
University of Cambridge admits it gained from slave trade 23 September 2022
University staff vote to strike over pay dispute – Union 4 September 2022
Vice-president meets university leaders over abortion law 12 August 2022
Labour unions to protest shutdown of public universities 19 July 2022
Regulator launches antitrust probe of academic database 18 May 2022
Columbia University to mark its historic ties to slavery 23 April 2022
Universities claim antitrust immunity in student aid case 20 April 2022
‘Seismic’ ruling on out-of-state residents’ tuition fees 13 April 2022
Education law seen as move to destroy university autonomy 5 April 2022
Military leader replaces university boards and leaders 1 April 2022
Students petition against professor’s Russia comments 29 March 2022
Newly passed law allows state to take over six universities 9 February 2022
HBCUs given ‘all clear’ after new round of bomb threats 3 February 2022
Hong Kong university covers up Tiananmen memorial slogan 31 January 2022