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Diaspora academics are returning to develop universities 9 March 2023
HE in prisons still ‘patchy’ despite expansion of e-learning 8 September 2022
What is driving the glut of medicine graduates in Somalia? 14 April 2022
Women face many recruitment and retention hindrances 4 November 2021
Lack of internships could harm post-conflict recovery 13 May 2021
Lack of quality assurance affects employment opportunities 13 May 2021
Nationwide quality assessment a victory for students 28 January 2021
Growing concern over higher education-industry disconnect 24 September 2020
Amid instability and fragility, universities push for reopening 20 August 2020
Tackling the spinoffs of online learning – Inequality, cheating 31 July 2020
Fledgling HE sector hampered by lack of global recognition 16 July 2020
Still in recovery mode, universities rise to new challenges 16 April 2020
COVID-19 casts a long shadow over HE rebuilding efforts 2 April 2020
First graduation in 30 years signals peace and progress 28 June 2019
Higher education blueprint – A race against time 8 June 2019
Concerns over dependence on arts – More sciences vital 15 March 2019
How do we prepare graduates who can serve society? 22 June 2018
University expansion a signal of stability and growth 27 April 2018
Calls for quality over quantity in higher education 9 February 2018
Relaunch of faculty heralds new era in journalism 8 December 2017
Rebuilding a national university after decades of war 17 March 2017
Call to ensure more women access higher education 10 March 2017