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Top civil service posts open to overseas university graduates 23 November 2023
Lawyer barred from lecture on Hong Kong rule of law 17 November 2023
Dismay over university’s sacking of scholar denied a visa 1 November 2023
‘Undefined’ reputational damage clause worries students 20 October 2023
Student loans increase as tuition fees rise amid faltering economy 4 October 2023
R&D spending defies pandemic effect, new official figures show 20 September 2023
Code reins in top scientists, who must ‘serve national security’ 14 September 2023
Draft law sets out penalties for AI-aided academic writing 1 September 2023
After a period of caution, universities open up to ChatGPT 23 August 2023
Governance tussle signals concerns over university freedoms 4 August 2023
Education or politics? Chinese visit to Taiwan stirs debate 21 July 2023
Students stay on at university amid depressed jobs market 17 July 2023
Cap on mainland and foreign students may be raised 5 July 2023
Drive to plug civil service ‘brain drain’ targets students 2 June 2023
Another student union faces dissolution as leaders resign 10 May 2023
Push to reduce the weighting of English in China’s gaokao exam 15 March 2023
Universities on alert over ChatGPT and other AI-assisted tools 24 February 2023
New academic integrity rules for DPP election candidates 9 February 2023
Many ‘no-shows’ for postgraduate exam amid COVID confusion 4 January 2023
Student anger over lockdowns still fuels sporadic protests 9 December 2022
Security chief warns against support for China protests 1 December 2022
Fears rise for safety of student protesters amid arrests 29 November 2022
Campus COVID measures climbdown after student protests 25 November 2022
Logo redesign row sparks concerns over university autonomy 26 October 2022
Campus flag-raising ceremonies may become ‘new flashpoint’ 16 September 2022