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International student enrolment fell by 15% last year 18 November 2021
Visa backlogs, COVID could scupper international student recovery 5 June 2021
More American students need an ‘empathy-infused’ international education 2 June 2021
US public has mixed views on foreign student recruitment 17 May 2021
International student strategies must change, says ACE 14 February 2021
Biden calls time on Trump’s four-year moratorium on truth 23 January 2021
New international student enrolments drop by 43% in US 16 November 2020
Biden offers more hope for higher education than Trump 31 October 2020
Trump moves to ramp up scrutiny of Confucius Institutes 30 August 2020
Student access to mental health care a growing issue 18 August 2020
Most universities to mix online and in-person teaching 31 July 2020
Universities say ban will turn them into ‘super-spreaders’ 11 July 2020
International students face intimidation, hostility 2 July 2020
International enrolment drop to cost universities US$4.5bn 30 May 2020
Trump rebukes expert’s warning against reopening campuses 16 May 2020
International conferences forced to adopt online format 28 March 2020
HE seen as failing on social mobility, OECD expert warns 3 February 2020
The power of international student networking 31 August 2019
Catalysing leaders in the fight against social injustice 27 July 2019
A century on, IIE is still fighting ‘irrational nationalism’ 15 March 2019
Universities in battle to build trust in a hostile world 8 February 2019
Accreditors could be doing much more to fight corruption 8 February 2019
Is Education Dept trying to change too much too quickly in HE? 8 February 2019
A challenge to QA to adapt to innovation in HE provision 8 February 2019
University leaders to be given more autonomy in new law 11 January 2019