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Author: Kalinga Seneviratne
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Title Date
University prepares communities to respond to climate change 2 December 2023
Regional university spearheads capacity building for SDG 14 31 October 2023
Government HE report calls for greater focus on inclusion 25 July 2023
Will Adelaide’s new mega university commercialise HE? 17 July 2023
University faces class action over unaccredited course 3 May 2023
University project was catalyst for key UN climate vote 5 April 2023
Universities eye opportunities in trilateral submarine plan 25 March 2023
SDGs: Study urges universities to see students as resource 17 March 2023
‘Long association’ leads to India’s first foreign campus 14 March 2023
Systemic wage theft is endemic at universities – Union 28 February 2023
New centre aims to be Indigenous higher education leader 22 February 2023
Ministry attempts to end ‘publish at all costs’ culture 11 February 2023
Universities play key role in tackling rising sea levels 17 December 2022
Bridging the gap between research and policy on SDGs 10 December 2022
New initiative puts cities at frontline of climate change 9 December 2022
University embraces ancient wisdom in its SDG programmes 4 December 2022
How can we measure universities’ contribution to society? 4 December 2022
SDGs: A framework for socially responsible universities 21 November 2022
East-West consortium to tackle global challenges, SDGs 19 November 2022
Australia re-asserts itself as a top study destination 25 October 2022
Government tackles student debt amid wider funding debate 22 October 2022
It’s on and off again for foreign students wanting to work 15 October 2022
First course on changing behaviour to reach SDGs launched 2 September 2022
Universities dismayed at being left out of jobs summit 20 August 2022
Engagement with China divides opinion in South Pacific HE 8 July 2022