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New reforms include bid to attract international students 11 March 2023
Universities adjust to ChatGPT, but the ‘real AI’ lies ahead 4 March 2023
Industry experts object to proposed masters degree reforms 4 March 2023
Academics say ‘total makeover’ plan will damage HE sector 24 February 2023
Political controversy over rising international student debt 16 February 2023
Rectors back EC launch of European degree pilot projects 8 February 2023
Will a ‘hostile’ immigration climate deter global scholars? 3 February 2023
Universities uncertain in the face of impending fee regime 26 January 2023
International student applications rise, but is it enough? 21 January 2023
Business leaders oppose plan for one-year masters degrees 21 January 2023
What will a shift to the right mean for higher education? 21 January 2023
International students: Are countries throwing away the gold? 13 January 2023
Is higher education set to become an economic handmaiden? 8 January 2023
Public hearing shows poor support for non-EU tuition fees 14 December 2022
Climate researchers are silenced by harassment – Survey 10 December 2022
New report documents net value of international students 1 December 2022
University alliances come under the research microscope 30 November 2022
Ten rectors ask parliament to delay tuition fee decision 25 November 2022
Report exposes ethnic and gender inequality in universities 18 November 2022
Fee plan may deter up to 80% of non-EU students – Survey 12 November 2022
Academic spy cases: No room for simplistic conclusions 12 November 2022
University leaders say new passport rules may deter talent 3 November 2022
Opposition mounts over government’s non-EU student fee plan 28 October 2022
Researcher arrested on suspicion of being a Russian spy 26 October 2022
New migration policies raise concerns over foreign students 25 October 2022