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Far-reaching reforms in university sector take shape 17 August 2023
Kenya launches portal as new funding model goes live 3 August 2023
Parliament revives plan to lighten student loan debt load 9 May 2023
TVET council re-established to drive graduate employability 13 April 2023
Another salvo in cash-strapped state universities’ debt crisis 24 November 2022
As university shutdowns loom, students face funding cuts 2 November 2022
Burnout cases on the increase in academia, says report 20 September 2022
Bond may raise US$50 million for shortfall in student loans 14 September 2022
President rejects bill aimed at cheaper student loans 12 July 2022
Odinga? Ruto? Presidential candidates promise to change HE 1 July 2022
University funding cut by 20%, focus now shifts to TVET 26 May 2022
Higher Education Loans Board hit by repayment defaults 17 March 2022
Kenya relaxes university admission and entry criteria 23 November 2021
Kenya dithers on university reforms amid backlash 29 October 2021
Universities barred from raising fees after court battle 26 October 2021
Investment opportunities in education are beckoning 26 August 2021
Kenya’s University of Nairobi in the midst of crises 22 July 2021
Sector decries funding cuts, pushes for innovative financing options 8 July 2021
Thousands deregistered amid further funding cuts 27 May 2021
IMF pushes Kenya to overhaul three top institutions 22 April 2021
Wanted: US$100 million for student loans 25 March 2021
Gloomy financial outlook after government slashes budget 18 February 2021
Universities want to double tuition fees from next year 26 November 2020
Student housing plan in jeopardy as private funding falters 19 November 2020
Research target at risk over moribund model 17 September 2020