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Food science and safety will benefit from five-year MoU 30 May 2023
More work needed to rid global health of colonisation 18 May 2023
Students opt for unsafe abortions despite legal services 17 May 2023
Joint universal acceptance project includes local languages 18 April 2023
Universities’ employment data should be linked to funding 4 April 2023
COREVIP to unravel knowledge dissemination barriers 28 March 2023
Project is advancing HE network connectivity on continent 23 March 2023
Maternal health gains from low-resource training model 9 February 2023
AAU secretary general asks HE to work on academic excellence 2 February 2023
Professor Ernest Aryeetey: ‘Get politics out of universities’ 12 January 2023
‘Empower universities to tackle Africa’s challenges’ 24 November 2022
Surge in school-leavers leads to sifting entrance exams 17 November 2022
AAU president: ‘It is time we moved from talking to walking’ 15 November 2022
President shifts focus to HE amid massive demand for places 9 November 2022
The nurse who rose through the ranks to become a VC 29 September 2022
Students from Africa may soon start to return to China 25 August 2022
Research collaboration envisages major gains in health care 18 August 2022
Act to create merger undermines academic freedom, say staff 21 July 2022
Lead authors from low-income countries on the decrease 30 June 2022
Government waives guarantors to access student loans 16 June 2022
ARUA sets target for increased research outputs, more PhDs 9 June 2022
Bursaries build health sector skills, but need monitoring 2 June 2022
HE should ‘urgently’ train experts in climate change 2 June 2022
Ghanaian programme aims to boost interest in engineering 5 May 2022
Management of biodiversity research stepped up across Africa 21 April 2022