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Russian demand for studying in Asia is steadily growing 11 November 2022
University hopes high for stable influx of international students 13 August 2022
Russians to consider pulling out of Bologna Process 15 April 2022
Government eyes universities as technology startup sites 9 February 2022
High tuition costs behind drop in demand for HE – Survey 18 January 2022
Duma backs measures to attract international students 26 November 2021
Government to launch new university accreditation system 10 November 2021
Russia to start development of inter-university mobility 20 October 2021
Network of 30 ‘world-class’ campuses to be built nationwide 9 October 2021
Huge Priority 2030 initiative boosts national, regional universities 18 August 2021
Government to make it easier for foreign students to stay 25 May 2021
Students ready for legal battle to cut tuition costs 29 January 2021
New loans, payments for foreign and domestic students 7 November 2020
Russian HE system is highly underfunded, says Duma report 1 October 2020
Russian private universities face big fall in student numbers 7 September 2020
Universities given extra funding to avoid tuition fee rises 19 June 2020
Can Putin really solve the problem of brain drain? 4 April 2020
Restrictions on scientists’ international contacts lifted 24 February 2020
Putin demands speedy closure of ‘dud’ universities 11 February 2020
Scientists demand end to new curbs on foreign contacts 14 December 2019
Demand among young Russians to study abroad rising 1 November 2019
Russian citizenship for foreign students who graduate 17 October 2019
Demand for places at military universities doubles 7 September 2019
Foreign students attracted, foreign scientists restricted 15 August 2019
Demand for higher education in steady decline – Survey 23 July 2019