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South African academics condemn Israel’s Gaza war 16 November 2023
‘Disconnect’ between agriculture and nutrition in focus 8 November 2023
Innovative hybrid masters appeals to working engineers 25 October 2023
‘Policy entrepreneurs’ acknowledged for HE reform efforts 11 October 2023
Strengthening leadership capacity will drive vital change in HE 5 October 2023
Africa-Europe Clusters of Research Excellence total 20 29 September 2023
High praise for Future Professors initiative from its fellows 17 August 2023
From lecturer to professor: Initiative develops academia’s brightest 10 August 2023
University leaders fear rankings reinforce inequities 29 June 2023
Committee targets ‘deep change’ after urination incident 29 June 2023
‘Embrace AI, don’t run from it in fear,’ universities told 22 June 2023
Africa, Europe launch 17 joint Clusters of Research Excellence 22 June 2023
Create critical awareness of AI apartheid – Experts 15 June 2023
Private HE crucial for Africa’s development, conference hears 1 June 2023
Competition and collaboration key to scientific progress 10 May 2023
New biomedical institute a ‘game changer’ for healthcare 18 April 2023
‘Window of opportunity’ is beckoning for HE in Africa 6 April 2023
Fast-forward for project to support ‘agents of HE reform’ 31 March 2023
Leaders must transform universities into healthy workspaces 30 March 2023