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New rule targets high-debt, low-income college programmes 20 May 2023
Universities issue warning over record low research funding 6 May 2023
Afghan religious scholars criticise girls’ education ban 12 April 2023
Three people killed at Michigan State University, gunman dead 17 February 2023
Universities to close for elections over security fears 12 February 2023
Universities seek role in improving national defence force 8 November 2022
Post-COVID, first batch of students arrives back in China 25 June 2022
Harvard pledges funds to study and atone for slavery ties 29 April 2022
Government tightens grip on universities to stifle dissent 23 April 2022
States urged to address funding disparities for HBCUs 27 February 2022
Student protest leader is jailed for 13 years 15 February 2022
Congress bans 4 private universities, 6 aid groups 4 February 2022
New York urged to launch endowment for public universities 27 November 2021
Pandemic turnout down 44% at university entrance exams 27 November 2021
Research body starts trials for locally made COVID vaccine 21 November 2021
Court orders block to university cheat website 9 October 2021
Seven people at university are victims of apparent poisoning 28 August 2021
Pushback challenges vaccination requirements at US colleges 7 August 2021
University of California will no longer consider SAT scores 22 May 2021
George Soros to give US$500m to Bard College in New York 10 April 2021
US university hopes to fill higher education gap 20 February 2021
Two graduates who founded Parler grab headlines 17 January 2021
Latest military airstrike hits Tigray university 29 November 2020
US universities become less attractive to international students 31 October 2020
Coronavirus clusters at universities teach Europe a lesson 26 September 2020