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Behind the Horizon deal – Researchers and policy experts 15 September 2023
Will the UK’s de-Europeanisation drive extend to Horizon? 26 July 2023
The heavy cost to research of ending EU collaboration 29 April 2023
State of play of academic freedom in Europe – A political choice 11 April 2023
Horizon countdown darkens outlook for UK science 16 June 2022
Why telling the story of HE cooperation in Europe matters 26 February 2022
How should we tackle moral panics about free speech? 27 February 2021
A mercantilist approach to higher education post-Brexit 26 January 2021
Why has the UK ditched participation in Erasmus+? 1 January 2021
Is Erasmus participation under threat in Brexit Britain? 11 July 2020
Act now if you believe in UK-European association 22 February 2020
Why UK universities may be bargaining chips in Brexit negotiations 31 January 2020
Getting Brexit done – Higher education is exhausted 30 November 2019
Erasmus+ student and staff mobility problems loom for UK 15 April 2019
From sharing common values to free trade bargaining chip 9 November 2018
Why the Bologna Process works for higher education 24 August 2018
Bologna 20 years on – Look at the bigger picture 20 July 2018
Brexit breakthrough, but what next for universities? 15 December 2017
What will President Macron mean for UK universities? 9 May 2017
Time for Bologna to stand up for academic freedom 23 April 2017
Time for Bologna to stand up for academic freedom 21 April 2017
Universities must push for an 'Intelligent Brexit' 10 February 2017
Post-Brexit options for UK universities 30 September 2016
United Kingdom universities in a post-Brexit world 5 July 2016
The starting gun is fired on Britain’s EU referendum 26 February 2016