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Is the North American way of governance being surrendered?

In a three-week series, University World News looks at the latest flashpoints in the battle to defend the tradition of collegial or bicameral college and university governance that has predominated in North America for more than a century but is now under threat.
Sustained budget cuts to Canada’s University of Alberta, driven by Conservative political interests, and the systematic dismantling of collegial governance in favour of corporatisation have overseen a decline in the university’s international standing, and continued threats to the essence of the academic enterprise.
Academics are concerned that the appointment of Senator Ben Sasse as president of the University of Florida marks efforts by leaders of the state to install politicians with little to no higher education experience and who are there to enact the governor’s will.
There is consternation among faculty and students at Oberlin College where a 187-year-old tradition of shared governance and collegiality was overturned in October after the board of trustees voted to make decisions of faculty subject to the guidance and approval of the board.
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