Special Reports – Global Edition
Education for Sustainable Development

Academia’s key roles in education for sustainable development

Half-way to the target date for achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, University World News – in partnership with global quality assurance provider ABET – launches a series of special reports on how higher education can best equip students with the skills, knowledge and values needed to shape a sustainable future.
PHOTO Through ‘education for sustainable development’, university classrooms have the potential to become living laboratories where students apply disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge and skills to real-world problems. This vision requires long-term commitment from institutional leaders with a sustainability vision for the future.
PHOTO A core role of universities is to produce quality graduates for the economy and society, with the knowledge and skills they need to secure a job and to succeed. In today’s world of climate chaos and global challenges, the imperative that graduates also make a positive contribution to the world has driven a global movement towards ‘education for sustainable development’.
A recent study shows that the commitment of senior university management to ‘education for sustainable development’ or ESD is critical for its effective implementation in the university environment, with the ultimate goal being to foster sustainable citizenship among students, according to a recent study set in Malaysia.
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