Graduate recruitment struck by 30% fall in job vacancies

Graduate job openings have fallen by around a third in the past year as the labour market cools. Figures show there were 23,264 graduate roles available in September, which is significantly below the 32,277 on offer during the same month last year, writes Matthew Field for The Telegraph.

The dearth of roles available makes clear the scale of the challenge facing graduates leaving university, many of whom are also lumbered with tens of thousands of pounds worth of student debt. Declining job prospects are the latest blow for students who saw their university educations disrupted by COVID, as study-from-home rules were put into place and campuses closed.

Nationwide jobs figures published last week revealed that unemployment numbers increased to 4.2% in the three months to August, up from 4% in the three months prior. This represented an increase of 74,000 to 1.4 million unemployed people overall, its highest level in two years.
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