Police called to guard campus Jewish centre after threats

Threatening statements about Jews on an internet discussion board have unnerved students at Cornell University in the United States and prompted officials to send police to guard a Jewish centre and kosher dining hall, write Brian PD Hannon and David Bauder for AP News.

The menacing, anonymous messages, posted over the weekend in an online forum about fraternities and sororities, came amid a torrent of antisemitic and anti-Muslim rhetoric that has flowed on social media during the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul pledged during a visit to Cornell’s Center for Jewish Living on Monday 30 October that state police would work to identify anyone making online threats and hold them accountable. “No one should be afraid to walk from their dorm or their dining hall to a classroom,” she said. “When speech crosses over into hate speech and into hate crimes, that’s when we have to make sure that students know that we’ll step up and protect them.”
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