Sexual harassment at universities is soaring – Media probe

The number of reports of sexual harassment at Dutch universities has doubled in four years, according to researchers for radio programme Argos which has been researching harassment and social safety issues at the 13 Dutch universities, reports

Argos research found the number of reports of ‘me too’ related incidents made to independent integrity officers rose from 141 in 2019 to 300 last year. In total, there were 4,652 reports of bullying and other forms of harassment and 812 covering sexually inappropriate behaviour during the four-year period, Argos said. Just 2% of reports went on to become formal complaints.

Mariëtte Hamer, who is investigating sexual harassment at institutions on behalf of the government, told Argos the increase in reports in three years shows universities “have a serious problem”. Nevertheless, she told the NRC newspaper, the increase in reports may also reflect more willingness to come forward, rather than an actual increase.
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