Hackers reveal secret files about protests, academic purges

Hackers claim they gained control over 500 servers of Iran’s ministry of science, revealing a trove of classified documents on protests and academia dissidents, writes Maryam Sinaee for Iran International.

The hacker group Ghiyam ta Sarnegouni (Uprising till Overthrow) which is affiliated to the People’s Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MEK) made the announcement on Saturday 23 September, the first day of the new academic year in Iran, and said it had acquired access to over 20,000 documents.

Some of the documents hackers have published on their Instagram and Telegram accounts are related to purging academics who are critical of the government or have supported the Women, Life, Freedom movement. The purge opened the way for hiring 15,000 pro-regime professors and other staff in universities. Authorities also plan to adopt new student selection procedures and expel thousands of students who have been part of the protest movement.
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