Helsinki University students protest government budget cuts

Students at the University of Helsinki in Finland began a protest on Tuesday morning, 19 September, against planned cuts to education by Prime Minister Petteri Orpo’s right-wing coalition government, reports Yle News.

In a press release, the organisers revealed they planned to take over the university’s main campus building, and dozens of students began participating in the sit-down protest from about 9am on Tuesday morning. The press release is not signed by any of the organisers, but is posted under the name “Students against cuts”.

The protest coincided with the beginning of government budget discussions, which also began on Tuesday morning. The students said they want to highlight aspects of the government’s budget plans which will directly affect students, such as a proposal to cut housing benefits. The protesters are also calling on the University of Helsinki to take a stand against the government’s plans in defence of students’ rights. They noted that rising inflation and interest rates will place further pressure on students, who are already facing challenges such as lack of money, study stresses and uncertain future employment prospects.
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