House committee rejects new regulations for universities

A parliamentary committee in Kenya has rejected far-reaching proposals to regulate tertiary learning institutions and asked members to annul them, saying they do not conform to the provisions of the Constitution, writes Mercy Mwai for People Daily.

The Committee on Delegated Legislation chaired by Ainabkoi MP Samuel Chepkonga said they had made the decision in order to give Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu an opportunity to align the University Regulations 2023 with the constitution, relevant statutes and the report of the presidential taskforce’s recommendations on university education.

“Having examined the universities regulations 2023, legal notice no 56 of 2023 in accordance with the Constitution, the interpretations and General Provisions Act (Cap 2) the Statutory Instruments Act, the committee recommends that the House annuls [them] in entirety,” reads the report. The regulations had sought to provide for other modes of teaching and delivery such as open, distance and e-learning, taking into account the effect of COVID-19. They provide for a framework for collaboration between local universities and other tertiary institutions as well as implementation of differentiated unit costs, and discipline differentiated remuneration for universities.
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