Universities admit over 8,000 war veterans and offspring

Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko announced on Monday 4 September that universities across Russia have admitted 8,500 veterans of the war in Ukraine and their children this academic year, reports The Moscow Times.

President Vladimir Putin in 2022 ordered a 10% university admission quota for war veterans and their children, granting them priority and clearing them of entrance exams. “On the president’s instructions, about 8,500 participants of the special military operation [in Ukraine] and their children have been enrolled to study under a separate quota,” Chernyshenko reported at a cabinet meeting. “We have such children in almost all regions. Many of them entered the country’s leading universities,” he added.

A majority of war veterans admitted to Russia’s top universities failed their entrance exams, the independent investigative news outlet iStories reported in early August.
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